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Saroeum Phoung

Saroeum Phoung is a masterful circle keeper, teacher and inspirational leader. Saroeum has many years of experience leading Peacemaking Circle Process to provide healing and transformation for individuals and communities dealing with the challenges of violence, racism and inequity that are present in many of our communities.

Saroeum is also experienced in leadership development and system change work. He has led innovative processes for transformation and sustainable change by working in partnership with native country, government agencies, school districts, non-profit organizations, corporate business, various individuals, institutions, and communities to bring about change in a good way.

Saroeum was born in Cambodia and immigrated to the US during the Pol Pot regime via refugee camps in Thailand and the Philippines. Settling in East Boston he faced the all-too-common difficulties of immigrant life - cultural difference, racism, and violence. Through his work with Roca, a community values-led, youth-serving organization, he experienced personal transformation and became a staff member. Saroeum learned to lead Peacemaking Circles from the Tagish Tlingit First Nation as a way to share power, include more community voices, and build relationships that foster healing and hope. Saroeum has hosted and trained thousands of individuals through facilitating and hosting hundreds of peacemaking circles in the past two decades. Saroeum continues to bring healing and transformation to communities across the United States. In 2012, Saroeum brought Peacemaking Circles to Seattle and has been leading the Peacemaking Circles movement, working in partnership with various individuals, communities, and institutions including the Juvenile Justice System to design an alternative diversion program utilizing Peacemaking Circle Process.