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Jason Hodge

As a consultant and media trainer in the corporate space, Jason Hodge is building a legacy of helping organizations articulate their stories of impact to better reach both their communities and ideal marketplaces. Having been on and in over 2,000 broadcasts from traditional radio, television and film to new media models like Periscope, FB Live, and numerous livestream platforms, Jason is well versed in how to get the most out of each platform for his clientele to leverage. Creator of the "Livestream Leverage 30-Day Video Challenge", "The Y.E.S.S.S.S. Program" - an entrepreneurial incubator and media mentorship and culinary program, the "Mastering Your Media" training series, co-creator of the "Non Profit Master Class", Jason spends much of his time, when he' not being dad and family man, developing foundational training to help bridge the digital divide for clients and community. His program is on track to launch its first series of television networks in support of his community partner-based program.