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Edna Sadberry

I facilitate group workshops on personal and professional development for the adults in young people's lives who may not be conscious to the impact of unexamined biases on quality of service delivery. My workshops are for the individuals who are looking to address the root causes of racial inequities, beyond the inherent barriers of shame, guilt and seeking absolution; all of which maintain and support oppressive systems. I create a sacred space for participants who are interested in having a deeper conversation beyond the constraints of being comfortable. Expect to be supported and challenged to think beyond socialized racial stereotypes and biases.
I have over ten years of direct service experience, working with diverse populations to create a sacred environment to explore conscious and unconscious behavioral patterns that maintain the status quo of racial inequities. I support participants with connecting those unconscious behavioral patterns and ways of being to their work and support them in determining if these patterns, support creating positive relationships with the youth in their charge. I encourage participants to take responsibility for addressing gaps in their core values and the way they show up in equitable conversations as well as equitable practices. Workshop participants engage in courageous self-assessments, and together we build a pathway to positive interactions with youth in actualizing their full potential.

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, October 28

9:45am PDT