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Dr. Marion Smith Jr

Dr. Marion Smith Jr. is a Black man, first. 
As a systems thinking and adaptive leadership scholar, critical race theory practitioner, and career-long, certificated PK-12 and post secondary educator (who has served as a teacher, school principal, regional director, school district executive director and adjunct faculty and lecturer), now EdTech executive, Marion is bold, unflinching and unapologetically committed to racial equity, student voice and adult professional learning. He has honed his 20 year education career in diverse ethnic, linguistic, cultural and socioeconomic settings in Las Vegas, Nevada; North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Seattle, Washington.
Marion’s research and professional practices specialize in the real-world application of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Education, Transformative Phenomenology, and Managing Complex Organizational Change to disrupt and dismantle inequitable policies, practices and procedures. 
In his "free time" in January 2019, Marion founded and launched Educate to Liberate Consulting (E2LC)– a learning-focused consulting group operated by men of color scholar-practitioners who developed and apply the Racial Equity Adaptive Leadership (R.E.A.L.) Framework to work with individuals, organizations and communities to re-imagine ways of engagement in education systems that challenge the status quo to ensure all students achieve.