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Dr. Jocelyn Enabulele

Dr. Jocelyn Perkins-Enabulele, is a certified professional trainer for Roni LifeWorks Training Center, she is an expert in the areas of childhood trauma, domestic violence and sexual assault. She has testified as an expert witness in court, conducted more than 60 professional state and national-level workshops on these issues, and provided outreach services to domestic violence survivors for more than 8 years. Dr. Enabulele developed one of the first domestic violence African American Outreach programs in the state of Texas. She supervised one of the largest domestic violence and sexual assault hotlines that supported women who experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. For 2 years, Dr. Enabulele was the co-chair for the African American Task Force with the Texas Council on Family Violence, where she used her experience and expertise to serve African American survivors experiencing domestic violence. During 6 television appearances in Houston, Texas, she addressed the public about violence in the community. Though she is deeply committed to her work with the African American community, she also counseled and trained women, men and children from diverse backgrounds, including members of the LGBTQ community, individuals with disabilities, and those in prison.