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Claudia Pineda Reyes, MSW is a Mexican American Social Worker from Cicero, IL and Michoacan, Mexico. She is a trainer for Partners for Youth Empowerment and is currently employed by the Department of Health at King County. Claudia has dedicated her life towards expanding Social Justice by fervently pursuing her own personal development, partnering with others to undergo transformation, and by bringing this perspective to a wide range of settings and to a variety of audiences. Her expertise revolves around gender, racial equity, community engagement, immigrant communities, and anti-violence. She is fascinated by the nuts and bolts of interpersonal relationships, which she believes to be the foundation and vehicle through which social justice is advanced. Claudia’s formal education includes an undergraduate degree from Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, where she double majored in Latin American Studies and Ethnic Studies. She graduated from the graduate Social Work Program at the University of North Dakota. The bedrock of her work is largely informed by her training as a Restorative Justice Facilitator, and through the Center for Equity and Inclusion in Portland, Oregon and with Partners for Youth Empowerment.