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April Miller

School’s Out Washington
King County YDPQ Coach
April Miller has been in the field of child and youth development for over 20 years. She has demonstrated effective and innovative coaching practices that range from observation, assessment, analyzing data, reflective feedback, co-active coaching, visioning, goal development, planning, monitoring progress, workshop facilitation, and team development.
Coaching youth development professionals is her passion. She has extensive expertise in youth development, social emotional learning, and youth program quality through the lens of diversity and equity. April is committed to engage in culturally responsive and relevant coaching that honors the strengths and capabilities of the youth development professional. April strives to partner with programs to co-create goals, support implementation, and celebrate accomplishments that result in improving outcomes for all young people.
April enjoys spending time with her family, playing song wars in the car while going on road trip adventures into the woods, or can be found just as happy hanging out at home playing board games, having dance parties, and reading good books!