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Anita Garcia Morales

Anita Garcia Morales brings a variety of experiences and expertise to her dynamic position at Racing to Equity.

For the first 21 years of her life, Anita’s experience as a migrant farm worker took her across the United States. Living in depressing conditions in labor camps, doing all manner of field work, being the perpetual immigrant student in class and sensing the “otherness” to which her family and ethnic group were subjected to were what shaped Anita’s racial, class and cultural lens.

Anita received her B.A. and Teaching degree from the University of Washington. She lived out her dream and taught in Seattle Public Schools for 22 years. She was persuaded to move to the District level, first as a social studies coach, and then as a racial equity strategist with the Department of Equity & Race Relations.

Anita is also a Courage & Renewal Facilitator, a Lead Instructor for the Seattle Teacher Residency program , a Lead Trainer for Class Action and a Certified Positive Discipline Associate for Educators and Parent/Guardians. The common thread that runs through all that Anita does is her focus on Social Justice and Racial Equity.