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Kayla Stewart

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Specialist
Olympia, WA
Highly passionate about ELO/OST spaces, programs, and providers. I began working with youth as a tutor at my local food bank/after-school care facility in 2014. I fell in love with supporting young people and realized that working in education felt right. After leaving the tutoring facility, I transitioned into becoming a youth mentor/behavioral interventionist at Belshaw Elementary in Antioch, CA. From there, I became a site coordinator and eventually grew in the role to overseeing two Title I, elementary school sites in Tacoma, WA. Now as a 21st CCLC Program Specialist at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, I am always wanting/willing to hear from those who are on the ground doing the work, and learning/hearing how I/we can best support them/their programs. I empathize with you, I am you, and I would love to meet you!