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Julia Gabor

Mindful Founder
Los Angeles, California
Julia is an award-winning educator. Born & raised in NYC; she comes from a diverse urban background & has several dynamic life experiences to share. She is a creative & passionate youth development specialist. She is the Founder of kid-grit, a company that focuses on SEL, mindfulness & youth development. She has trained thousands of educators in schools & expanded learning programs for 18+ years. And at the young age of 40, she obtained her MA in educational leadership from Antioch University. Her thesis topic was teacher effectiveness & student engagement. She has received multiple awards for her outstanding contribution to education communities across the nation from agencies such as CAL STATE Fullerton, U.S. Representative, Lou Correa & the BOOST Collaborative. Julia has presented at distinguished conferences such as ASCD, CCSA, ESSA, NYAR, TESOL, NAA, BOOST & several others.