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Aiden Sanders

Spokane County United Way
VISTA Program Director
Spokane, WA
Aiden Sanders is a queer schemer & dreamer, a graduate of JustLead Washington’s Leadership Academy, a two-time AmeriCorps VISTA alum and the VISTA Program Director at Spokane County United Way. Aiden is passionate about facilitating learning and growth as well as improving programs and systems for the people who work and move within them, led by the belief that it’s the people who ultimately matter. Originally from Oregon, Aiden attended Portland State University where they studied a variety of subjects (French! Economics! Community Studies! History!) and eventually received a B.A. in Liberal Studies (seriously, it’s a long story). Outside of their work, Aiden is a poet and nonfiction writer who writes to learn, feel, synthesize, and express; common themes include relationship and identity. They enjoy visiting the river, long conversations with loved ones, laughing, reading, and various other diversions.